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Guide In Choosing The Best Foosball Table

Foosball is highly entertaining and as well competitive too. this game can be played with just 2 members, with more fun. This is an excellent addition to your game room or the best game to be invested in for your home, just like carom and other indoor games.

In case you are looking out on buying a foosball game table, then you might be overwhelmed by the number of brands and types available in the market. But, not all are the same, in terms of quality, the game appearance, the minute details that matters etc. might be different based on brands.

So, how do you say which is the best one to buy? This is slightly confusing! But, we make it easy for you! we tell you which is the table that suits you better and is the right investment to make in, read on further to know more.

Much like soccer, the object of foosball is to score the ball in the opponents goal. The game can be played with 2 players or up to teams of 2 on each side of the table. Tournament and bar foosball is played with a total of 9 balls and the first team to 5 goals wins the game -

Basically, there are 2 types of models available, professional and home use models.

Professional best foosball table includes more advanced features as required by the professional foosball player like the high-quality table levellers and counterweighted men. So, professional tables are of higher standards in all terms, quality and total make than home models. But again, that is not always the same, sometimes even home models of a particular brand can beat the professional table.

So, once you decide what you need, a basic home model or a pro, then you can narrow down your search options. Reading reviews will also help you in finding the best one, for the best price.

There is an option of converting tables with more goalie rods when needed and changing again when not, makes the game and the table more versatile. Earlier, in the USA the 1 man goalie was the most popular foosball game, but now things have changed. 3 goalie men are the new trend. This 1 goalie man can be still found in European countries. One of the biggest differences is the number of goalie men in the rod that enables you to play well.

Foosball tables come in a variety of materials and sometimes uneven too. a table that is slightly uneven, will alter the whole game. That’s the reason; most quality and top brands foosball tables have an inbuilt levelling system within them, to keep the table perfectly flat.

Legs of the table come with screwing method that can be adjusted for height and level. The most common ones are the screw fitting ones that can be fitted or removed easily. Along with this, optional add-ons include cup holders, neon lighting, octagonal handles etc. advanced tables come with more easy and advanced way to leg adjusting.

Choosing Indoor or Outdoor foosball table:

While foosball in an indoor game, there are few models designed specifically for outdoor use. They must be weather resistant and be able to stand sturdy through the wind and the sun. Hence, the outdoor foosball models are specially crafted with materials that can withstand the harsh outside conditions, weatherproof materials and rust proof metals. They will be explicitly mentioned about their use, indoor or outdoor and for best results, one must use accordingly.

Furniture fitted foosball tables:

Many people don’t have enough space to accommodate the separate table. Hence the table makers have started making tables that fit with furniture. They can be made with different woods like mahogany or walnut and have ornate legs and siding ways than the typical table. There are foosball tables, which later doubles up as required furniture. But, they will come with same charges as their doubling nature; they are pretty more expensive compared to normal foosball tables.

Though wooden foosball tables are the most common ones found and are sturdy and durable, plastic tables have taken the market. With a cheaper price and good looking, they aren’t as sturdy as their wooden counterparts. Metal tables are available for a stronger version, but the prices are heavy too.

If your table is for your kids, then a Carrom Foosball table that is midrange, the best choice for your family. It comes in many styles to suit your taste and is sturdy to not break, and also they won’t burn your pockets. Tornado and Garlando tables are for those who can afford and want best in class.

Well, whatever the brand is, make sure you enjoy the game!

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